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Product # 5620


Blockade is a water-based protective skin coating specially formulated to protect exposed skin from irritation when working with acids, alkalis, solvents, gasoline and other chemicals and corrosive salts. Forms a barrier to prevent grease, soil and ink from penetrating skin's pores and creases. Keeps skin clear and washes off easily with soap and water. Moisturizes while protecting skin areas.

bolt buster-01-01.png

Product # 5108

Bolt Buster

Bolt Buster's fast-acting penetrating formula loosens rust and corrosion making it easy to separate surfaces. Frees nuts and bolts, lubricates locks, hinges, and moving parts, and stops corrosion on battery terminals. Flammable.


Product # 5021

Bruiser Brake Cleaner & Degreaser

Bruiser Brake Cleaner & Degreaser is a non-chlorinated, flammable, high pressure brake and parts cleaner/degreaser. Quickly removes oil, grease, tar, asphalt, resins, brake fluid and brake dust. Instantly degreases brake linings, drums, springs, cylinders, disc brake pads, CV joints, clutch pressure plates and transmission. Dries fast and leaves no residue.

melt down.png

Product # 5015

Melt Down

Melt Down melts ice, frost and snow from windshields, headlights, windows, locks, frozen air conditioners, evaporator and compressor coils.

nu shine wipes.png

Product # 1918

Nu-Shine Wipes

Nu-Shine Wipes clean and protect most hard surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, laminate, granite, treated leather, stainless steel and more in one easy step. Watch liquids bead up on treated surfaces. Treated surfaces stay looking good longer than the competition.


Product # 5030

Red Insulating Varnish

Red Insulating Varnish leaves a protective red coating on batteries, windings and coils. It protects surfaces against oils, moisture, acid and alkaline.

start er up.png

Product # 5160


Start-Er-Up is a starting fluid that provides engines with quick and easy starting power. Works as a corrosion and upper cylinder lubricant after engine has started.

Super Gloss.png

Product # 5119

Super Gloss

Super Gloss Tire Shine’s new solvent-based formula provides tires with a deep gloss that lasts through multiple washes allowing new ties to maintain their deep luster while bringing old tires back to life. Prevents cracking, browning, and premature aging. Just spray and go – no buffing required. Will not sling off.

super wash n wax.png

Product # 1920

Super Wash 'n Wax

Super Wash 'n Wax quickly loosens and removes dust, dirt, grime, insects and road film all while leaving a high luster, just waxed shine in one easy step. Will not dull, water-spot or streak painted surfaces, windows or chrome. Contains synthetic detergents, emulsifiers and wetting agents.

Tune Up.png

Product # 5003

Tune Up

Tune Up cleans and removes carbon deposits from carburetors, choke linkages, PVC valves, heat risers and more. Eliminates rough idling, improves acceleration and is safe for oxygen sensors.


Product # 1914


X-Freeze Concentrated Windshield Washer is a powerful methanol-based formula that quickly penetrates snow and ice. It is very effective against dirt and grime, salt residue, road film and bugs. 


Product # 5061


ZenaZyme Upholstery Spot Remover is an enzyme-based carpet, upholstery and automotive interior spot remover with advanced foaming action to clean and eliminate odors It has a powerful upside-down spray valve for easy applications.

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