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Product # 1215

Absorb-It-All is a special encapsulating absorbent that will draw out old oil stains from concrete. Can be used for messy and dangerous spills, polymer flocculant spills, condensation and other moisture to be quickly and completely encapsulated into a dry powder.



Product # 5620

Blockade is a water-based protective skin coating specially formulated to protect exposed skin from irritation when working with acids, alkalis, solvents, gasoline and other chemicals and corrosive salts. Forms a barrier to prevent grease, soil and ink from penetrating skin's pores and creases. Keeps skin clear and washes off easily with soap and water. Moisturizes while protecting skin areas.

bolt buster-01-01.png

Bolt Buster

Product # 5108

Bolt Buster's fast-acting penetrating formula loosens rust and corrosion making it easy to separate surfaces. Frees nuts and bolts, lubricates locks, hinges, and moving parts, and stops corrosion on battery terminals. Flammable.

misco seal.png


Product # 5113-5117

Misco Seal is a 100% RTV silicone gasket maker with a temperature range from -60°F to 450°F and cures to a tough rubbery solid when exposed to moisture in the air. It adheres to clean metal, porcelain, plastic and most types of wood. Available in Clear, White (mildewcide), Black, Hi Temp Red (-60°F to 650°F) and Yellow.

Misco Solv.png


Product # 5521

Misco-Solv is a non-flammable, non-conductive safety solvent with 30,000 dielectric strength. Dissolves grease and rinses away dirt and grime from hard surfaces without injury to working parts. Its high-pressure spray dries fast with no flash point.

Quick Strike 1295.jpg

Quick Patch

Product # 1004

need SDS

Quick Patch is a fast-setting concrete patch that is traffic ready in two hours and allows any depth repair. It is ideal for high-traffic areas where setting speed and durability are important. It is a chemical abrasion resistant epoxy that withstands harsh industrial environments. It is recommended for indoor use, but may e used outdoors if all moisture is removed while epoxy completely sets.


Restore Urinal Descaler & Drain Line Remover

Product # 1481

Restore Urinal Descaler & Drain Renovator is a slow release deodorant urinal block that keeps urinals free of scale build-up. Controls and eliminates build-up caused by calcium carbonate, uric scale, lime and other mineral deposits to keep drains running freely. Flexible screen fits most urinals. Control odors for up to 90 days.

rust convertor.png

Rust Converter

Product # 5006

Rust Converter chemically neutralizes and converts rust to a black protective finish. Seals, prolongs and protects the life of ferrous metal. Eliminates the need for brushing, sandblasting or scraping before painting rusted surfaces. Can be painted over without further surface preparation.


Undercoat Rubberized Coating

Product # 5002

Undercoat Rubberized Coating is an asphaltic rubberized coating that leaves a firm, black resilient rubberized texture that provides years of protection. Extremely durable rust and corrosion inhibitor. Resists chipping and will not crack or peel with age. Its elastic, waterproof, paintable coating also deadens sound. For use on trucks, trailers, equipment, in shops and as a gutter and flash sealer. Seals electrical boxes and fittings, concrete and asphalt driveway cracks


USR - Uratic Salt Remover

Product # 1020

USR Uratic Salt Remover’s high-powered formula dissolves uric acid and calcium scale deposits along with rust, stains and scum from toilet bowls and urinals. Eliminates slow running urinals and foul odors. Also works as an excellent heavy-duty bowl cleaner.



Product #  1717

WOW is a multi-purpose industrial organic descaler and urinal renovator that is also a safer phosphate-free organic acid. It quickly and safely removes lie, rust, calcium, scale and hard water deposits from a variety of acid-resistant hard surfaces. 

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Absorbent Pads

Absorbent Pads

Product # 2212

Absorbent Pads are heavyweight universal grey pads that absorb all liquids up to 32 gallons per bale.

Misco Tape

Misco Tape

Product #  1003

Misco Tape is a versatile and easy-to-use quick fix emergency rescue repair tape. It is a self-fusing, adhesive-free silicone tape that withstands over 500°F of heat and remains flexible to -80°F. Insulates up to 8,000 volts per unstretched layer and has an amazing 700 PSI tensile strength. Stretches 300%. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Clear, Gray, Green, Orange, Bright Red, White and Yellow. One color per case.

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