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Lubricants & Grease


Air Tool Cleaner and Lubricant

Product # 5280

Air Tool Cleaner and Lubricant cleans, lubricates and reconditions air tools. It eliminates moisture and prevents rust and corrosion while extending the life of air tools. It also cleans and lubricates air operated tools, sanders, drills, saws, impact wrenches, polishers, grinders, air operated motors and more.

anti seize copper.png

Anti-Seize Copper

Product # 5110

Anti-Seize Copper is a clinging, purified grade, high-temperature (up to 2,000°F) anti-seize formula that provides excellent adhesion, non-melting, non-gumming, non-hardening, and high E.P. capability. Prevents galling, seizing and galvanizing action. It is compatible with other lubricants and is also water repellant. Can also be used as a quality protective coating.

Big Red

Big Red

Product # 1035

Big Red is a high impact non-melt extreme pressure grease. Forms a protective film to resist rust, corrosion, chemical break down and oxidation. Even boiling water & steam will not wash out this waterproof lubricant. Excellent for use on high and low speed ball and roller bearings, couplings, mechanical linkages, pumps, universal joints, ball joints and fifth wheels.

bolt buster-01-01.png

Bolt Buster

Product # 5108

Bolt Buster's fast-acting penetrating formula loosens rust and corrosion making it easy to separate surfaces. Frees nuts and bolts, lubricates locks, hinges, and moving parts, and stops corrosion on battery terminals. Flammable.

Cutting & Tapping Fluid

Cutting & Tapping Fluid

Product # 5851

Cutting and Tapping Fluid is a coolant and lube oil that extends the working life and overall performance of tools used in milling, boring, cutting and other machine operations. It is a thick, clinging lubricant that firmly adheres to blades and bits without any fly-off. Collects debris and shavings to prevent damage to the surfaces. Can withstand extreme pressure to make cutting and drilling bits perform better at lower operating temperatures.



Product # 5281

Grip-N-Grease is a multi-purpose synthetic lubricant with a trigger sprayer. It resists water washout, reduces friction and works effectively under harsh environments.

lubra gel.png


Product # 5780

Lubra-Gel is a thick, hi-pressure penetrating Teflon gel that sets up as a viscous, high impact grease to add protection and heavy lubrication to the treated area. It has a non-chlorinated formula that contains PTFE and withstands heat up to 600°F for long lasting protection.

misco lube.png


Product # 5100

Misco-Lube is an all-purpose moisture barrier plus penetrant and protectant. This non-flammable, non-conductive formula displaces moisture, stops corrosion, penetrates, protects and loosens frozen nuts and bolts.

misco tef.png


Product # 5011

Misco-Tef is a dry PTFE lubricant for metals, wood, glass and paper. Resists most elements and will not wash off. Repels dust and dirt. Low-odor, non-oily and non-staining.

Mr Green

Mr. Green

Product # 1045

Mr. Green is a high-performance calcium sulfonate-based grease. -60° to 500°+ performance high impact grease.

Red Spray Grease

Red Spray Grease

Product # 5001

Red Spray Grease is a thick grease gun in a can. It is a red lithium-based formula (not Bentone) that withstands harsh chemical environments and prevents water washout. It can be used on wire ropes, open gears, linkages, fittings, winches, cranes, valves, cables, pulleys, rollers and more.

Slide Out.png

Slide Out Dry Silicone Spray

Product # 5092

Slide Out Dry Silicone Spray is a NSF H-1 food grade dry silicone spray that leaves a non-staining, dry, pure silicone film to lubricate moving parts. Reduces friction and wear. Formulated as a release agent on seals and gaskets of tank closures. Will not melt, freeze, gum or become rancid and is heat stable from -450°F to 450°F.



Product # 5013

Slik is a heat stable (up to 600°F) silicone lubricant. Its thick viscous film adheres to most surfaces like a magnet to lubricate, protect, and reduce friction and corrosion. It is a slide and glide champ.

white knight.png

White Knight

Product # 5789

White Knight is a NSF H-1 rated white food grade grease. It is a high purity complex white grease with a wide temperature range of -40°F to +550°F. Resists water and heat while providing rust corrosion protection and superior lubrication.

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