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Deodorizers & Odor Eliminators

Air Scrubber.JPG

Product # 2101

Air Scrubber

Air Scrubber is an activated carbon-based product that absorbs and removes all odors. It is 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe. Can be used for lift stations, mains and manholes, grease traps and sumps, offices, bathrooms, dumpster areas and anywhere you want to remove odors.

Anywhere Clips

Product # 2030-2036

Anywhere Clips

Anywhere Clips clip anywhere to eliminate odors and freshen for 30 days. Clip them discreetly and securely under toilet seats, on the side of toilet tanks, plumbing lines, bathroom dividers, trash cans, office cubicles, chairs - Anywhere! Available in apple spice, citrus, honeysuckle, kiwi grapefruit and purple clover.

anywhere discs.png

Product # 2050-2052

Anywhere Discs

Anywhere Discs are solvent-based air freshening discs used to eliminate odors in the air while freshening surrounding areas. They can be used in heating & cooling units, garbage cans, automobiles, daycares and more! Available in Clover Tea and Cucumber Melon.

berry and apple zyme.png

Product # 1455 & 1457

Berry-Zyme & Apple-Zyme

Berry-Zyme and Apple-Zyme are powerful water-based enzymes and deodorizers that contain specifically targeted enzymes to eliminate odors at their source. Contains salmonella-free, non-polluting enzymes to liquify grease, digest waste and control odors.


Product # 3021

Breakdown Urine Digester

Breakdown Urine Digester is a concentrated water-soluble enzyme and deodorizer that breaks down and eliminates urine and all other organic matter at their source. Perfect for restrooms, carpets, drains and deodorizing. Purple clover scent.


Product # 1318-1320

Citra-Burst, Cherry-Burst, & Linen-Burst

Citra-Burst, Linen-Burst, and Cherry-Burst are solvent-based RTU multi-purpose contact or space spray deodorizers and malodor neutralizers. They are for use in elevator shafts, locker rooms, garbage areas, kennels, nursing homes, lobby areas, hotels, compactor rooms, trash chutes and more. Citra-Burst has an orange creamsicle fragrance, Linen-Burst has a clean linen fragrance and Cherry-Burst has a fresh cherry fragrance.

dry breeze group.png

Product # 5315 & 5320

Dry Breeze

Dry Breeze is a long lasting handheld dry spray deodorant that neutralizes malodors. Use in any area where odor is a problem such as bathrooms, locker rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, automobiles, fabrics and more. There is no fall-out and no CFC's. Leaves behind a pleasant scent of Clean Linen or Mango Magic.

Dry Breeze Solid

Product # 1831-1833

Dry Breeze Solid

Dry breeze solids are infused with fragrance so there is no spills, leaks or messes. It has a stronger fragrance release over 30 days than gels. They are available in a Purple Clover, a crisp Apple Spice, and a clean Citrus fragrance.

odor ender dumpster.png

Product # 3050 & 3055

Dumpster Odor Ender

Dumpster Odor Ender is a 60lb pail of deodorizing granules that can be sprinkled on or near odor sources. It also helps deter insects and other pests. It is excellent for use in dumpsters, compactors, trash cans, etc.


Product # 3050 & 3055

Dumpster Odor Ender - Shaker

Odor Ender Super-Sorb is non-toxic and biodegradable. It instantly absorbs and deodorizes liquid spills and accidents. Simply sprinkle on any liquid odor source, sweep it up and then dispose. 

Fresh Scent Dispenser

Product # 2600

Fresh Scent Dispenser


This Fresh Scent Fan dispenser is monitored and controlled by a smart chip with light sensor and LED alerts.

Fresh Scent Cover

Product # 2601-2607

Fresh Scent

Fresh Scent Covers are a revolutionary new kind of air freshener – the covers are the air freshener! Each cover contains 2-3 times more fragrance than any gels or metered aerosols making them powerful enough to freshen larger areas for 30 days. Available in Apple Spice, Clean Cotton, Fresh Melon, Fruit Blossom, and Mango Madness.


Product # 5305


Grenade is a total release used to neutralize malodors.  Eliminates odors caused by urine, feces, decay, rancidity, animals, fire, tobacco smoke, cooking and mildew.   

hanging odor ender.png

Product # 3000 & 3001

Hanging Odor Ender

Hanging Odor Ender is a hanging deodorizer specially designed to deodorize odors related to human and animal decomposition, sewers, wastewater plants, and more with its powerful concentrated essential oil blend. Available in original and citrus scents.


Product # 5494

Invisa-Cling Citrus

Invisa-Cling Citrus is a jellied deodorant that controls foul odors by clinging to any surface to slowly release a long lasting fragrance.  

Island breeze.png

Product # 3877

Island Breeze

Island Breeze is a heavy duty, super concentrated tropical scented odor eliminator. Cleans, controls odors and freshens air in one easy step. A safe and easy to use, non-toxic and non-staining deodorizing cleaner. Excellent as a space, contact, carpet and upholstery spray. May also be added to mop water and carpet extractors and also poured into drains and toilets of empty apartments.


Product # 1450


Neutra-Zyme is a RTU enzyme and deodorizer that contains a special blend of cultured live bacteria and bioactive solubilizing agents. It instantly controls odors in garbage and waste receptacles, porta-toilets and carpet. It digests uric salts on floor tiles around toilets and urinals as well as eats away grease and other organic waste eliminating odors and slow flowing drains.

Odor Ender

Product # 3010

Odor Ender

Odor Ender is a highly concentrated water-soluble deodorizer that neutralizes odors. Perfect for human and animal decomposition. Can be used in mop water, cleaning solutions, added to laundry, added to latex paint or simply added to water for use as a general air freshener.

Odor Ender Clover Tea.jpg

Product # 3011

Odor Ender Clover Tea.

Odor Ender Clover Tea is a highly concentrated water-soluble deodorizer and odor counteractant. Perfect for human and animal decomposition. Can be used in mop water, cleaning solutions, added to laundry, added to latex paint or simply added to water for use as a general air freshener. Pleasant clover tea fragrance.

odor ender super sorb.png

Product # 3030

Odor Ender Super-Sorb

Odor Ender Super-Sorb is non-toxic and biodegradable. Instantly absorbs and deodorizes liquid spills and accidents. Simply sprinkle on any liquid odor source, sweep it up and dispose.

odor ender fogger.png

Product # 5310

Odor Ender Total Release Fogger

Odor Ender Total Release Fogger is a neutralizing fogger that eliminates severe odor caused by fire, smoke and flood damage. Its great fragrance neutralizes all unpleasant odors including human and animal decomposition.

tropical cdo.png

Product # 3850

Tropical CDO

Tropical CDO is a deodorizer concentrate, malodor deactivator and suppressant.  Can be used as a space spray or light duty cleaner to neutralize odors at their source.  Eliminates odors from bathrooms, smoke and cooking, garbage areas, pets, locker rooms and more.

Very Berry

Product # 1289

Very Berry

Very Berry is a mulberry scented, super concentrated odor eliminator. Its non-staining formula can be used as a space or a surface spray. Great for use in kennels, locker rooms, hospitals, offices, buses, elevator shafts, a/c filters, and more.
(Also avail in 4 x 1 gallon)

Vet-Tec Q

Product # 1185

Vet-Tec Q

​Vet-Tec Q is formulated specifically to disinfect, deodorize and clean hard, non-porous surfaces such as floors, sinks, furniture, kennels, cages and many more. It is designed for use in veterinary clinics, animal hospitals and labs, animal care facilities, zoos, and many other pet related establishments.

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