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Anywhere Discs

Product # 2050-2052

Anywhere Discs are solvent-based air freshening discs used to eliminate odors in the air while freshening surrounding areas. They can be used in heating & cooling units, garbage cans, automobiles, daycares and more! Available in Clover Tea and Cucumber Melon.

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Citra Solv

Product # 1665

Citra Solv is a pure d'limonene water-soluble cleaner and degreaser. Easily removes grease, tar, oil and gum, and is great for cleaning drains and grease traps. Citra Solv can be used as a RTU product or can be diluted for better economy.

Coil Brite.jpg

Coil Brite

Product # 1706

Coil Brite is an extra strength acid-based high foaming coil cleaner. Removes dust, dirt, grime, grease and oxidation from aluminum or copper coils and fins of cooling units and air conditioners. Specially formulated for air conditioner and refrigeration coils.

Coil Commander

Coil Commander

Product # 1705

Coil Commander is a concentrated non-acid coil cleaner and brightener. Quickly removes corrosion, oxidation, encrustation, grease and grime allowing coils to operate at peak cooling condition. Cleans all coils, fins and filters.

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Product # 5175

Germ-A-Foam is a heavy duty foaming disinfectant cleaner that kills germs while cleaning away dirt, grease, soap scum and oil. Has a clinging foam that stays while you spray. Also disinfects HVAC catch pans and air conditioning evaporator coils.

Nu Coil.png


Product # 5106

Nu-Coil is a non-acid evaporator/condenser coil and fin cleaner. Foams and penetrates to quickly react to dirt and grime. No rinsing required on running evaporator coils. Must rinse condenser coils. For best results use with Nu-Coil Rinse.

nu coil rinse.png

Nu-Coil Rinse

Product # 5105

Nu-Coil Rinse is an organic coil rinse. Contains no CFC's and is safe to use on most plastics. 48,000 dielectric strength. Use with Nu-Coil for in-place coil cleaning. Can also be used as an organic degreaser.

scum buster.png

Scum Buster

Product # 6600

Scum Buster is a condensate drain line cleaner and deodorizer. Specially designed to clean scum, slime and other accumulations in air-conditioning condensate drain lines, ice machine drain lines, water fountain drain lines and humidification systems. Also eliminates clogged drains and humidifier drains while reducing unpleasant odors.



Product # 6694

StayPut is a condensate drain pan treatment that adheres to the pan when wet so it won't clog the drain. Keeps condensate drain pans and lines free of accumulations and prevents drain pan overflows and foul odors in air conditioning systems. Loaded with germ killing ingredients. Available in 20 ton (treats up to 20 tons of system capacity) and 7 ton (treats up to 7 tons of system capacity).

SatyPut Tabs

StayPut Tabs

Product # 6695

StayPut Tabs eliminate odors, overflows and water damage caused by plugging condensate drains and pans. Easy to use, completely soluble and does not form any deposits in the pan or drain. Cleans sludge, scum and other accumulations. Safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

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