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Bug Be Gone

Product # 5291

Bug Be Gone is a solvent-based crawling insect killer with residual control up to 7 weeks. Kills roaches, ants and other crawling insects on contact. Its dual action valve allows for a powerful stream spray or a forceful mist pattern depending on the needs. Cherry or vanilla fragrance.

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Buzz Kill

Product # 5724

Buzz Kill kills wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets with residual action. Continues killing as insects return to their nest. Its powerful jet spray reaches nests and insects up to 20 feet away with a dielectric strength of 47,300 volts.



Product # 1604

Demise is a powdered insecticide that literally drains fire ants and other insects of their moisture.  As soon as insects track through Demise, the active ingredient drains moisture from their bodies.  The powder will continue to cling to insects as they crawl back and contaminate the rest of their colony. 

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Product # 1280

Double Trouble is a semi-gelled, water-based RTU indoor/outdoor insecticide. It kills roaches, ants and fleas on contact.

Eradicator 5295.jpg


Product # 5295

Eradicator is a water-base aerosol multi-purpose insect killer. It has a quick knock down action with residual control for up to 4 weeks for crawling and flying insects. It has a non-staining formula.

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Flying Bug Be Gone

Product # 5997

Flying Bug Be Gone is a water-based dry fog flying insect killer. Its natural pyrethrin fogging formula quickly kills flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, midge flies and more on contact. May be used in processing areas, schools and hospitals. Cherry fragrance.

fog em all.png

Fog 'Em All

Product # 5273

Fog’Em All is a total release big bug bomb. Treats up to 9,000 cubic feet. Kills cockroaches, crickets, fleas, moths and ticks. Can be used in apartments, attics, garages, campers, boats, pet areas and more.


GO AWAY - Rodent Repellent Blocks

Product # 5370

GO AWAY Rodent Repellant Blocks naturally repel mice, rats, ground squirrels, bats and other rodents. They contain no dangerous poisons. Blocks provide the aromatherapy benefits of peppermint oil for people while driving away rodents. Can be placed in storage sheds, basements, drop ceilings, eaves, utility boxes, garages, attics, inside wall spaces and more.

Nighty Night

Nighty Night

Product # 1278

Nighty Night kills bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles and fleas within 5-10 minutes after application. Safe for children and pets.



Product # 1250

Prowler is a lice killer that can be used on pillows, sheets, bedding, scarfs, hats, textiles, clothing, rugs, as well as hard and soft surfaces. It is non-toxic to all mammals. It is not harmful to environment.

Quick Strike

Quick Strike

Product # 1295

Quick Strike is a water-based RTU indoor/outdoor contact insecticide for crawling and flying insects. It leaves no oily residue. It is safe around humans and pets, as well as in food-handling areas.


Stormtrooper - Fire Ant Killer

Product # 5730

Stormtrooper Fire Ant Killer has a dense expanding foam that penetrates deep into cracks, crevices and fire ant mounds for up to 4 weeks. Can be dispensed through a mound injector to penetrate deep into the mound to kill the queen. One 20 ounce can will treat 5-10 mounds, depending on the size of the mound.

tick off.png

Tick Off!

Product # 5636

Tick Off! Insect Repellent is a personal insecticide with 25% DEET. It repels mosquitoes that carry the Zika and West Nile Virus, ticks, chiggers, gnats, fleas and more.

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