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Drains & Grease Traps


Product # 1028


Barricade is a trap seal and dry drain treatment. Prevents sewer gas odors from drains and in areas where drains have a high evaporation rate. Floats on water and other liquids in drains to effectively lock out the air that creates and carries odors out of the drain while creating a safe barrier between the user and the fluids in the drain. Fresh scent with a low evaporation rate.

berry and apple zyme.png

Product # 1455 & 1457

Berry-Zyme and Apple-Zyme

Berry-Zyme and Apple-Zyme are powerful water-based enzymes and deodorizers that contain specifically targeted enzymes to eliminate odors at their source. Contains salmonella-free, non-polluting enzymes to liquify grease, digest waste and control odors.

Breakdown 3021.jpg

Product # 3021

Breakdown Urine Digester

Breakdown Urine Digester is a concentrated water-soluble enzyme and deodorizer that breaks down and eliminates urine and all other organic matter at their source. Perfect for restrooms, carpets, drains and deodorizing. Purple clover scent.

citra solv.png

Product # 1665

Citra Solv

Citra Solv is a pure d'limonene water-soluble cleaner and degreaser. Easily removes grease, tar, oil and gum, and is great for cleaning drains and grease traps. Citra Solv can be used as a RTU product or can be diluted for better economy.

mega zyme.png

Product # 1500


Mega-Zyme is an enzyme-based grease pre-digester for lift stations, grease traps, floor drains, sewer laterals and wet wells to quickly penetrate and flush away grease and sludge build-up. May also be metered, mixed in Vactor Truck or slug dosed.


Product # 1450


Neutra-Zyme is a RTU enzyme and deodorizer that contains a special blend of cultured live bacteria and bioactive solubilizing agents. It instantly controls odors in garbage and waste receptacles, porta-toilets and carpet. It digests uric salts on floor tiles around toilets and urinals as well as eats away grease and other organic waste eliminating odors and slow flowing drains.

purple heat jr.png

Product # 7066

Purple Heat Jr.

Purple Heat Jr. contains powerful ingredients that are activated by water to create tremendous agitation and heat. This action loosens both organic and inorganic matter that causes clogging and stoppage. Emulsifies and saponifies oils, fats and greases. Disintegrates paper and protein matter. Slightly less powerful than Purple Heat.


Product # 1481

Restore Urinal Descaler & Drain Line Renovator

Restore Urinal Descaler & Drain Renovator is a slow release deodorant urinal block that keeps urinals free of scale build-up. Controls and eliminates build-up caused by calcium carbonate, uric scale, lime and other mineral deposits to keep drains running freely. Flexible screen fits most urinals. Control odors for up to 90 days.

scum buster.png

Product # 6600

Scum Buster

Scum Buster is a condensate drain line cleaner and deodorizer. Specially designed to clean scum, slime and other accumulations in air-conditioning condensate drain lines, ice machine drain lines, water fountain drain lines and humidification systems. Also eliminates clogged drains and humidifier drains while reducing unpleasant odors.

shoo fly.png

Product # 1029


Shoo-Fly is a drain cleaner and maintainer with citronella. Removes drain flies, eliminates drain and system odors and improves drain flow. Its highly concentrated bacterial gel formula digests accumulated grease buildup while controlling foul odors.

top notch II.png

Product # 1296

Top Notch II

Top Notch Plus is the strongest non-acid drain opener formula available today making it “The Best” non-acid drain opener on the market. Works great on grease, hair and sludge. Its super dense formula goes right through water to attack clogs. Now with a safety first red tracing dye.

tropi zyme.png

Product # 1458

Tropi-Zyme T

Tropi-Zyme T is a thickened bacteria and enzyme complex for drain and trap maintenance. Has a unique thickened formula that clings to the sides of pipes and lines to increase effectiveness. Island breeze fragrance.


Product # 1770


Typhoon is a virgin sulfuric acid drain opener that quickly clears sinks, drains and toilets. Its professional strength dissolves hair, sanitary napkins, sludge, soap, coffee grounds, paper and grease. Safe for most drain systems, traps, pipes and septic systems when used as directed.


Product # 1020

USR - Uratic Salt Remover

USR Uratic Salt Remover’s high-powered formula dissolves uric acid and calcium scale deposits along with rust, stains and scum from toilet bowls and urinals. Eliminates slow running urinals and foul odors. Also works as an excellent heavy-duty bowl cleaner.

Vita Bac Ultra

Product # 1530

Vita-Bac Ultra

Vita-Bac Ultra is an industrial drain maintainer that provides a highly effective, non-toxic, biodegradable bacterial grease-digestion treatment. Its constant inoculation will digest fat, oil and grease. Surfactant free.

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