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Wastewater Treatment


Cherry Deodorant

Product # 1308

Cherry Deodorant is a cherry scented water-based sewer sweetener that neutralizes odors without harming bacterial action in lift stations.

Foaming Sewer Line Cleaner

Foaming Sewer Line Cleaner

Product # 1000

Foaming Sewer Line Cleaner is a high foaming solution specially formulated to clean roots in sewer and drain lines. This high foaming solution comes into contact with all surfaces of the sewer pipe to enhance its cleaning ability, especially in larger drains. Will not harm sewer lines.

Jett-Zyme Ultra

Jett-Zyme Ultra

Product # 1505

Jett-Zyme Ultra is a super concentrated enzyme-based Jetter Truck degreaser formulated to emulsify grease build-up using Jetter Truck, Vactor Truck up to a 3,000-1 ratio.

mega zyme.png


Product # 1500

Mega-Zyme is an enzyme-based grease pre-digester for lift stations, grease traps, floor drains, sewer laterals and wet wells to quickly penetrate and flush away grease and sludge build-up. May also be metered, mixed in Vactor Truck or slug dosed.

Mighty Block 984.jpg

Mighty Block 984

Product # 984

These 2-pound blocks will free your system of grease and odors. Mighty Block provides an initial slug dose and then a continual source of bacteria to biodegrade grease and other organic wastes. The slow release outer shell of Mighty Block provides 60-180 days of grease and odor control. 10b CFU/g ensuring Mighty Block will outperform the competition's 5 - 10lb. and 20lb. blocks. 


Mud Rid Silt and Sand Flush

Product # 6000

Mud Rid Silt and Sand Flush breaks up and disperses all types of organic and inorganic deposits that cloud up and collect in storm and sanitary sewers. It separates mud, dirt, silt and sand from the water and makes it easier to flush the deposits out to keep piping, wells and basins clean and unobstructed. It is specially formulated for mud, dirt, sand and silt.

odor solv.png

Odor Solv

Product # 1677

Odor Solv is a partial floating organic solvent-based emulsifying agent and degreaser designed to liquify sewage and garbage grease, open leaching beds, clean drain lines, cesspools, grease traps and septic tanks. Contains powerful cherry odor masking agents to eliminate offensive odors. 



Product # 6100

PowerHouse is a floating lift station cleaner and degreaser that quickly dissolves heavy grease and fat accumulations. Dissolves tough build ups on the walls of the lift station and keeps future build up to a minimum. Cleans, degreases and reduces odor while removing debris with ease.

purple jr 5 gallon.png

Purple Heat

Product # 7065

Purple Heat is the hottest and strongest granular sewer solvent available. A Misco Industrial exclusive formula that reaches 250°F in 90 seconds and maintains over 190°F for more than 10 minutes. Emulsifies and saponifies grease, oils, cellulose and fats. An extra strength sewer and drain compound recommended for maintaining municipal and industrial applications.


Slow Release Oxygen Block

Product # 982

This 2-pound block that quickly releases actives that begin generating low-level oxygen in minutes and then continues to produce low-level oxygen for an extended period of time. It stimulates and improves beneficial biological activity and bio-degradation of organic waste while reducing odors. It is for use in mains, lift stations, grease traps, sumps and stagnant water. Misco's 982 continues working 60-90 days with a temperature range of 48°F to 120°F. SOLD BY THE BLOCK. 4 BLOCKS PER CASE.

super sonic.png

Supersonic Lift Station Degreaser

Product # 6200

Supersonic Lift Station Degreaser is a RTU unique blend of soy and citrus solvents designed to maintain lift stations and grease traps. It is harmless to all motors, seals, "O" rings, and control valves, attacking only the undesirable grease and sludge that accumulates in these areas. Floating degreaser.

vita zyme digestive powder.png

Vita-Zyme Digestive Powder

Product # 1510

Vita-Zyme Digestive Powder contains a specialized blend of Bacillus bacteria strands to attack, liquefy and remove grease, fat and oil faster. Contains anaerobic and facultative bacteria as well as natural enzymes to quickly breakdown proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats and oils, and paper for effective waste digestion. Continuous use will prevent accumulation of sludge, scum, grease and all other organic solids.

vita zyme packet.png

Vita-Zyme Packets

Product # 1502

Vita-Zyme Packets are rapidly dissolving packets that contain a special blend of bacillus bacteria strains that digest organic waste quickly, effectively and without odor. These strains of anaerobic and facultative quickly breakdown proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats and oils, and paper for effective waste digestion. Resists chlorine, disinfectants and high-water temperatures.

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