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Towels & Wipes



Product # 2360


AZ-14 is a hard surface disinfectant. AZ-14 is perfect for hospitals, medical offices, schools, nursing homes, kitchens, bathrooms, stainless steel, glass tables, carts and more!  

graffitti magic wipes.png

Graffiti Majic

Product # 1601

Graffiti Majic is a heavy duty two-sided industrial paint removing towel. These wipes remove graffiti, paint, printer ink, markers and more from non-porous surfaces. They loosen and dissolve paint, then hold residue without redepositing it onto the surface.

nu shine wipes.png

Nu-Shine Wipes

Product # 1918

Nu-Shine Wipes clean and protect most hard surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, laminate, granite, treated leather, stainless steel and more in one easy step. Watch liquids bead up on treated surfaces. Treated surfaces stay looking good longer than the competition.

top dog.png

Top Dog

Product # 1629

Top Dog wipes are heavy duty cleaning and degreasing wipes that always stay wet. Quickly removes tough substances including grease, ink, adhesives, lubricants, oils and tar. Can also be used to clean tools, equipment, vinyl, metal, and more. No rinsing or drying necessary. VOC 50 state compliant.

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